Mama gets "picked up" in Brazil!

And is being regularly featured on 
Rádio Morena FM as well as this article in Regiao, the major press:  
**Morena FM launches Mama SpanX in Brazil** 
"THE Band that brings a whiff of novelty into the pop scene, rescuing a groove mixed with rare blues and soul in the market. "There's a blue song seasoning from Memphis and New Orleans with touches of Motown soul. It's hot, emotional, spiritual, blouse and up, "Popular Music magazine said. 
Soul, rock, blues, funk, groove. The beat is irresistible and influenced by artists such as James Brown, Gladys Knight and Tina Turner. "Nikki, the vocalist, remembers Tina Turner's energy on stage and voice," says Marcel Leal, president of Morena FM , who received the direct material from the band. 
In the exchange of emails, Nikki explains that she had already heard Morena FM on the internet. Even without understanding the phrase in Portuguese, he loved the musical programming ("sounds great!"). The track chosen for release on Friday, 18, was Wild Emotion. Experienced! Although the band is new and the State of Groove is their first studio album, the musicians are experienced and renowned. The vocalist (and also songwriter) is Nikki Armstrong, who was elected to the New York Blues Hall of Fame. Powerful voice, it gives great energy to the groove of the band. 
Nikki started putting together the band in 2015 and the first artist she invited was the experienced drummer and arranger Ben Beckley, with whom she had already played in Los Angeles. Then came guitarist Steve Johnson and his girlfriend and saxophonist Julie Sax. 
To add a more soulful sound to the mix, the band won two prominent figures from the Los Angeles R & B and Blues scene, saxophonist Steve Sadd and keyboardist Harlan Spector. The two are well known for their versatility and style. 
Finally, one of the most renowned musicians of the United States jazz, blues and rock scene, bassist David Abercrombie arrived. Mama SpanX (pronounced "spanks") was ready!"